Kevin Hart's Guide to Black History



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Kevin Hart as Himself
Tom Kenny as Robert Peary
James Callis as President Lincoln, Confederate Captain
Greg Germann as Dr. Blalock
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by thebenstrong 9 / 10

While a little too campy, it's still great!

As a white, strait, southern (Alabama (and now Georgia)) Christian male, I usually don't sit around watching black history programs because it recent years, it's less about the great things that were accomplished during times of strife and more about claiming victimhood and blaming white men for everything. While I acknowledge that black folk have gotten the short end of the stick throughout history, I am overly tired of being blamed for it just because my great, great grandparents were white southerners... though not near rich enough to even think about having servants. In fact, a large portion of my own ancestry was sharecroppers and indentured servants, themselves. While not completely relatable to forced slavery, it's still a far cry for being rich slave owners. That being said, I really enjoyed Kevin Hart's special. It was a bit too campy and corny for most people - some may even find it offensive if their underwear's on too tight - but he gives a ton of information that I've never heard before. It's packed with stories and info of lesser-known people within black history that did more to advance their situations than most anyone alive today. Kevin doesn't present this film with a preachy tone; rather, he comes with what appears to be a light-hearted approach that many people can appreciate without feeling blamed or vilified for once. I'd give it 10 stars if it wasn't so corny.

Reviewed by anthonysithole 8 / 10


This is soo good, I posted on Instagram yesterday that our children need to be taught black history and Kevin just did that and I'm proud that this show was more educational than funny and it accommodate everyone. We need more shows like this.

Reviewed by wuyata 10 / 10

Black history in a nutshell

The interaction between Kevin and 'his' daughter felt stiff, but the overall reenactment and pace of the story was interesting and informative. There are going to be lots of negative or 1 star reviews because you know, America, but do not mind that. If you like history and reeanctment in an short comedy-style, you should watch this!

I am from Europe and knew most of the people mentioned, but now I know other not so well-known people. Yes, I did learn today!

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